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The cover photo of this conference is by the Swiss science photographer Martin Oeggerli.

About the Photo

© Martin Oeggerli, supported by School of Life Sciences FHNW.

Dividing Cancer Cells -
Clonal evolution versus cancer stem cell theory
Homo sapiens
© Martin Oeggerli, supported by School of Life Sciences FHNW.

In cancer research, two fundamentally different mechanisms explaining tumor progression are currently vying for verification: the theory of clonal evolution versus that of cancer stem cells. To develop more effective cancer therapies, it will be critical to determine which case holds true. If most cells can proliferate and metastasize, then virtually all cells must be eradicated to cure the disease, whereas the specific elimination of cancer stem cells would be sufficient, were the theory of clonal evolution not true.

About the Photographer

The Swiss photographer Martin Oeggerli, also known as Micronaut, looks at the world from both a scientist’s and an artist’s perspective.

Born in Solothurn, Switzerland in 1974, Oeggerli studied at the University of Basel and holds a doctorate degree in molecular biology. In 2005, he started specializing in SEM imaging and worked as a freelance scientific photographer for various clients. Being a scientist as much as a photographer, he tries to transmit his knowledge by offering unique insights into scientific phenomena and the unknown territory of the smallest and most overlooked creatures.

His work has been published by the BBC, Nature, Cell, Vogue, and National Geographic. Over the years, he has received numerous awards, including the International Photography Award (2009, 2010), Best Scientific Cover Image (2008, 2010, and 2012), Best Image of Research (2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010), and the German Prize for Scientific Photography (2009, 2011).

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